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Gumbad of Hazrat Murthuza Pasha Khadri

The Dargah of His Holiness Hazarth Syed Murthuza Pasha Khadri is the shining example of a monument perpetually and eternally reminding us of emotional integration in this part of our country where the seeds for which were sown as early as 18th century. It has been the converging focus of a centripetal spiritual mass upsurge of believers of all denominations and faiths rolling in interminable hosts in quest of peace and solace. He is no more with us., But his spiritual influence is infusing its spirit in all our activities. He lives for ever bringing relief and comfort to the multitude of the afflicted. Mental aberrations of the rich and the poor and the young and the old as caste, creed even religion and this has stood the test of time about two centuries inspite of the impact of conflicting and sometimes diabolical ideologies on mankind.

Held in high veneration by the rulers of the Carnatic, the site of the Dargah was his abode till his mortal remains were laid to rest there. He was in meditation and trance for three days prior to his last and on that score the spot is the most consecrated and holy receiving in durbar the prince and the pauper alike.

He led a simple life and identified himself with the poor. He always went on foot little caring for the vehicles offered by the Nawab who at last gave him the gift of a palanquin which is in evidence even now in the Dargah and the palanquin bearers also along with it. Finding the saint spurning aside the palanquin also as he zealously guarded the dignity of man, the Nawab tempted the bearers with bracelets of gold if they could make him sit in it. And his Holiness at in it once and once only and the palanquin bearers felf happy.

The descendent of his Holiness and the hereditary Sajjada.Dr.Syed Khalilullah Khadri, Muthavalli and trustee of the dargah had started the Foundation to commemorate his holy name aimed at imparting secular education with a religious and spiritual mould and at serving the humanity through its daughter institutions.

Arise, shine, for the light is come and the glory of the lord is risen of thee.

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Primary And Orientel Higher Secondary School
Hindi & Arabic
Institute of
Adult Learning
School for Hearing Impaired
School for Mentally Retarded
Hospital and Medical Facilities
Women and Children Welfare (Orphanages)
Various Language Classes
Canteen and Hostel Facilities


Institutions like this are doing a great service to the people, as education of children with a religious bias is of importance in the life of the people, I am glad that this institution is paying special attention to this aspect of education. I wish it every success.
Sri K Kamaraj
Hon'ble Sri K.Kamaraj
Ex CM of Chennai
I welcome institutions like this trying to instill in the minds of people a true faith in their religion, to whatever religion they may belong. As such, faith ultimately is bound to make them think in terms of a single nation.
Hon'ble Sri. C.Subramaniam
Hon'ble Sri. C.Subramaniam
Minister for Education and Finance
I have just received a copy of the report of the Madras-I-Murthuzaviya which you have so kindly sent on to me. I have read the same with interest. I congratulate you, for the excellent work you have turned out so far. Everyone should be proud of such record of work.
Basheer Ahmed Sayeed
Hon'ble Mr.Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed
Madras High Court
I attended a Scout Troop inauguration at the School. The function was a grand success. The Scout Master is a trained Scouter and the boys are all looking bright and cheerful. Dr.S.K.Khadri, the Founder, is very enthusiastic about his work.
Mr.K.Venkatasami Naidu
Mr.K.Venkatasami Naidu
Chief Scout Commissioner
A well run institution with a remarkable sense of purpose and imagination on the part of its Founder President and the Correspondent.
Murthuzaviya Educational Foundation and Welfare Trust
Mr.S.V.Chitti Babu
Mr.S.V.Chitti Babu
Director of School Education, Tamilnadu (1973)
The School caters for a group who need our attention. I am really happy to see the Women's Welfare Services run so ably by Dr.Khadri and his colleagues. I wish them to grow and utilize all our Schemes.
Murthuzaviya Educational Institute
Mrs. Champalaksmi Venkatachalam
Mrs. Champalaksmi Venkatachalam
Chairperson, State Social Welfare